Drinking Games

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With a fine tradition in the bar after the game the Old Whits not only like to talk hockey but drinking games play a large part in post match entertainment, whether it be stitching a team mate an opposition member or continual torture of club Junior! 

Some games you may expect to play in the Old Whitgiftian drinking circle with lame explanations:

1. Yehaa - including variation "Mind *uck Yehaa" 

2. 21's - we've all played it, idea is to not say 21 at the end of the count up to 21!

3. Matchbox - landed on edge or end it accumulates digits to drink

4. Catch up Matchbox - 2 match boxes going in same direction land on end or edge to move it on - don't get caught up!

5.Name game - famous people starting with first letter of surname of person said before

6. Bunnies - thumbs on temples and make funny signals with your hands

7. Commander - hands on tables, bit like simon says

8. Touch the cup - bounce a coin off the table into a cup

9. Taps - hands on table crossed with person next to you, tap with hands - with variation of Foot Taps for Lewis

10. Teapot lid - don't let anyone put teapot lid on your pint!

11. Chandeliers - bouncing coin nto glasses witha  central big glass

12. Pigs - dice rolled and matches taken to expose shot glasses in shape of a pig

13. Kaplunk - bottle of beer, lots of matches

14. Whizz Boing Bounce - uses these three words

15. Ping Pang Pong - same as above

16. Zoom - includes a word no-one can pronounce

17. Fizz Buzz - Use these two words

18. Fuzzy Duck - does he?

19. Plucky Pheasant - Pheasant plucker?!

20. Cricket - see if you can make a ton whilst making signals for 4's and 6's for all multiples!

21. 3 man - evil game with dice, you don't want to be 3 man!

22. Mexican - dice game where you set a target and the idea is not to throw lowest combination

23. Chinese numbers - a great match game - arranging matches into chinese numbers

24. Sink the titanic - float a semi full glass in a jug, each person then pours into the glass, who sinks it, drinks it!

25. Spoof - 3 coins and you guess the total in the circle

26. Five's - clenched or open fist (counting as 5) thrown into circle and guess the total around the circle

27. Higher Lower - card game, guess higher or lower than card before

28. One up One Down - do you have 1 up 1down, 2 up or 2 down?

29. Pass the Jug - pass the jug round the circle each taking a drink if you pass the jug to the person to finish the jug you buy the next jug!

30. Heads or Tails - toss a coin

31. Mrs Mangle - g'day Bruce

32. I take into the party a .... - go round the circle and say something you're taking to the party, Chairman decides if you're allowed in!

33. Sink the coin - tissue over pint suspending coin burnt with cigarette, each take a turn, person to sink coin, finishes the pint!

34. Hide the coin - two teams, 1 coin, huddle up, hide in one persons hand, other side tries to avoid finding the coin

35. Animal game - animal noises, don't miss someone passing it to you

36. Grab - one less stone on table than people round it dice thrown and when a number is rolled you make a grab for a stone, person left without finishes a drink!

37. Scissor Paper Stone - an all time sure fire way to settle a drinking dispute.

38. Boat race - two teams, down your pints in succession, slowest team loses!

39. Wibbly wobbly - will have you in stiches! need open ground, two teams, drinks for each member of the team, two hockey sticks, each member of the team spins round with head on hockey stick 10 times, runs to the drinks, downs drink and runs back to set next team member off!

40. Scissors - I pass you the scissors crossed/uncrossed....

41. Mornington Crescent - the tube station game

42. Ibble dibble....

43. Consecutive numbers - spin a coin, when it stops stand and shout a number, each person then stands and says the next number, don't get up and say the same number as someone else and don't come last!

44. "*uck You" - "Orh"

45. Boomerang - I pass you the magic boomerang, now freeze, last one to freeze drinks

46. Thumbs - thumbmaster places either thumb on table last one to follow suit drinks

47. Fingers - on the call of fingers, place your middle finger at edge of table if your pint is within the distance of your middle finger from edge of table you drink!

48. Cookie pot jar

49. Word Asociation

50. Flip flop fizz buss - fizz buzz's older bigger brother!

51. The Dozen Marshmallow Eating game

52. Peanut Racing