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This page is designated to providing reports of matches, social nights, tours and anything else members wish to know about :-


- Misc. photos of varying sorts!


- Various team photos


- Curry night after PreSeason match and day before Woking tournament


- Valentine's Ball, pics from Satch's camera which he left at the end of the night!


- Our illustrious Captain leaves for a better life in Oz!


- Some of us plus the Salisbury/Leeds girls go to!


- Salisbury tour 2002 - Gladiators and Contenders ready?!


- Holland tour of June 2002


- Junior Smithy finally comes of age!


- New years bash at the OW's and Robbie's birthday


- Jon, Kai, Brad, Rob make the trip to Holland for the Gouda Gala...


- Tour to Bognor 2001 with the Gits and the Old Gits


- Pre-Season Party of 2001


- Pre-Season Friendly in the Pane & Table!


- When Scotty left to go to Philippines for a few months - Venue: Barrow Boy and Banker