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Here's a little insight into the committee and key club members


Chairman - Chris Jenkins - - Lord of all he surveys, the man who holds the Old Whits social scene in the palm of his hand. Jenks is the wise old man of Old Whits who directs and assists in all aspects of the club. This man knows no limits, once seen holding a stick wearing an Old Whits shirt. Respected by every member at the club.


Secretary - Andy Hooper - - Stalwart on and off the pitch, started playing in 1995 as a 16 year old and is now a key member of the club running behind the scenes and leading the 2nd XI as their captain. Likes an occasional beverage after a game! Would probablt be better to ask for "Hoops" as not many people know his first name!


Treasurer - Trevor Clarke - - AKA TC, as a trainee accountant, seemed an ideal candidate for treasurer and he is so good with money he often fails to find his wallet when it comes to paying for a drink. He is the Salsa King, when many are making fools of themselves on the dancefloor he can be seen sweeping some young lady off her feet with his finely honed Salsa moves!


Fixture Secretary - Andy Hooper - - see Secretary


Equipment Secretary - Kailash Patel - AKA Funbags. Fast, fit and furious describe this man, surprising for someone with such big breasts. A suave, sophisticated winger, Kailash demonstrates a complete lack of fear and will dive in headfirst where others fear to tread - where there's a hole there's a goal!! Works hard and plays hard ...... once he's cliniqued his body and ironed his already immaculate shirt!


1st XI Coach - Mahmood Bhatti - AKA Immy, he's our coach of world renown, ex Great Britain and ex England player, he actually scored against Spain! He's a mazey dribbler who's skills are profound within a couple of moves he can sit a midfielder on the arse and walk past him with an expression that says "what you doing down there boy". Often seen on the dancefloor with TC swirling people round but his is natural talent! 


1st XI Captain - Komron Ohadi - - "The best player ever to have picked up a stick for the Old Whits" back in 93 this was said about Kommi, a few years out in the wilderness, but he's been back for while strutting his stuff up front. Admittedly, shorts a little tighter, waist a little thicker but still capable of turning it on. Our own Tarbytanion, all for one and one for all.


2nd XI Captain - Andy Hooper - - see Secretary


3rd XI Captain - Alex Steele - - AKA Steelers, he's toiled away in the 3rd XI for much of his time at OWHC being one of the strongest players on the pitch every weekend. He's a great motivator at teamtalks and will give 100% whilst playing.......... may occasionally fly off the handle!


Social Secretary - Position vacant


Drinking Chairman - Jon Foley - This old boy has played, coached, managed and umpired his way through all three teams, his inimitable defensive style coupled with his one line put downs has made him a formidable opponent both on and off the pitch. To become Drinking Chairman you must challenge the chairman....... be warned!


Webmaster - Andy Hooper - - see Secretary